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While you are reading this, somewhere in the world a patent is filed ++++ Why not yours?++++++ We tell you how +++Each patent you file cannot be submitted by your competitors+++++

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You want to hedge your new development ideas against exploitation by the competion?
You want information about the current state of technology?
You have patent and project ideas, which you want to assess and register resulting proven innovative ideas?
We search for this information using all relevant databases using the latest techniques and tools, straight forwardly and professionally, in your working environment.

Our services search globally for Intellectual Property in the areas of:
  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Utility Models / Petty Patents
  • Design Patents/Design Rights
  • Copyrights

This research can help you to achieve your business design & development goals i.e.:

  • by avoidance of intellectual property lawsuits and needless duplicated development expenses in advance of project initiation, thru providing overview of existing state-of-the-art and conditions
  • before preparing patent applications for rights to identify them in the context of your idea.

Intellectual property searches can help you also in the strategic business directions of your company i.e.:

  • by monitoring your competitors or innovations in your technical field
  • by helping you to identify and analyze product trends .

We offer consulting and support for companies, patent law firms and individuals. This service is individually tailored to your needs. Intellectual property searches provide results that can give you exactly the right information at the right time to act.