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While you are reading this, somewhere in the world a patent is filed ++++ Why not yours?++++++ We tell you how +++Each patent you file cannot be submitted by your competitors+++++



Especially in the field of information management it is important for us to choose tools, we already know and use for many years successfully. These include tools from Thomson Reuters and integrated information solutions, with products such as:

Delphion, Derwent (DWPI), Derwent World Patents Index First ViewSM, Aureka, EndNote, Newport Horizon Global, Newport Horizon Sourcing, IDdb, IDRAC, IP Management Services, ISI Web of Knowledge, Liquent Insight Suite, MicroPatent PatentWeb, Techstreet Industry Standards, ThomsonPharma, IDdb, Thomson Regulatory Solutions, and Web of Science.

For example Thomson Delphion is a search and analysis platform for patents and related intellectual property rights, which we utilize if required. Using Delphion we can search for patents in the main international patent collections in the United States, Europe, Japan and more recently China and in the databases of the World Intellectual Property Organization. It also allows users to rely on unique productivity tools for market developments and to analyze or to pursue competition.

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