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While you are reading this, somewhere in the world a patent is filed ++++ Why not yours?++++++ We tell you how +++Each patent you file cannot be submitted by your competitors+++++

Analyse the degree of Innovation in your company

Evaluate the strength and the weaknesses in terms of Innovation and Patents
No:    No, I disagree
Yes:    Yes, I agree   
50%:    Not clearly decided yet or don't know
Please answer the questions. When they are finished, click the result button in order to analyse the innovation and patent profile of your company
01.I know what I could apply to have patented No 50% Yes
02.I have a data bank for my in-house intellectual property. No 50% Yes
03.I know where my competitors stand technologically No 50% Yes
04.I know how to apply for a patent No 50% Yes
05.I conduct a Patent Workshops with my employees. No 50% Yes
06.I know the business value of my patents. No 50% Yes
07.I have a fulltime Patent Manager No 50% Yes
08.My developers only have to invent ideas, not to write patents. No 50% Yes
09.I rank each invention according to its real market value. No 50% Yes
10.Patent Management does not have to be done by my developers. No 50% Yes
11.You have a Patent Department No 50% Yes
12.You have someone, who tracks the relevant patent informations concurrently No 50% Yes
13.You have an own In House Patent Data Base In Chamber Intellectual Patent and Property Data Base abgleichen (ICH IPPDB)® No 50% Yes
14.I know my development risks. No 50% Yes
15.You have delegated the tasks of a Projectmanager to an experienced development engineer. No 50% Yes
16.You have close contact to Patent Lawyers. No 50% Yes
17.You have an in-house Patent Evaluation Team. No 50% Yes
18.I regularlly follow the technology trends. No 50% Yes
19.I know where Patents are missing/needed. No 50% Yes
20.Before (project development) begins, I (research the Technology) thoroughly. No 50% Yes
21.I know what is (technologically) new. No 50% Yes
22.I inform my inventors in a timely fashion about state-of-the-art happenings. No 50% Yes
23.You can easily obtain patent objection material No 50% Yes
24.I know where I stand technologically. No 50% Yes
25.I am immediately (informed) when my Patents have been violated. No 50% Yes
26.You observe and (investigate) (outside) Patents No 50% Yes
27. Engineering has a technology or new product plan at least for the next 2 years No 50% Yes
28. Our average development cost is increasing No 50% Yes
29. I sometimes wonder if our technology is state-of-the-art No 50% Yes
30. We are not considered the technology leader in our industry. No 50% Yes
31. Our system is good at making sure we are using the latest development state-of-the-art methods and materials. No 50% Yes
32. We have not defined the on-going Technology trends and needs of our customer very well. No 50% Yes
33. We have an active cost effectiveness program for R&D in place. No 50% Yes
34. My company's Intellectual Property asset inventory is complete and up-to-date No 50% Yes
35. I set objectives and goals for Intellectual Property asset growth at least annually No 50% Yes
36. A written strategic plan for Intellectual Property development and exploitation exists for our project teams to follow. No 50% Yes
37. A system is in place to develope and measure individual creativityt No 50% Yes
38. I donít have a measurement that shows the effectiveness of our Intellectual Property development No 50% Yes
39. We have an employee Intellectual Property recognition program. No 50% Yes
40. Departmental meetings are held on how to improve Intellectual Property development No 50% Yes
41. Design reviews are held before a new product is released to extract Intellectual Property potentials. No 50% Yes
42. We have defined our Intellectual Property strategies for the next 3 years. No 50% Yes
43. We donít have a formal system to register, evaluate and file for Intellectual Property rights. (ICH IPPDB)® No 50% Yes